Ongoing projects

  • A multi-method, biopsychosocial study of postpartum pain and sexuality

  • Assessing female sexual arousal via clitoral imaging and sexual psychophysiology

  • Examining persistent genital arousal disorder via a biopsychosocial perspective

  • Imaging the spinal cord and brainstem in women with provoked vestibulodynia

  • Measuring psychosocial and symptom outcomes of women with persistent genital arousal disorder who participate in an online program

  • Examining psychosocial correlates and healthcare experiences of prostate cancer patients

  • Investigating sexual health correlates in adult men and women

  • Characterizing anal pain within a biopsychosocial perspective

  • Developing a patient reported outcome measure for vulvar pain

  • Determining how patients make decisions with respect to medical treatments

  • Developing a self-report measure of genital arousal sensations

  • Examining healthcare experiences, barriers, and financial burden associated with persistent genital arousal disorder

  • Examining sex therapists' perceptions of 'sexual script flexibility'

Upcoming projects

  • Measuring blood flow and pelvic sensitivity in women with persistent genital arousal disorder

  • Examining persistent genital arousal symptoms in males

  • Investigating sexual and relational experiences of self-identified bisexual individuals

  • Measuring blood flow, pelvic sensitivity, and lubrication in women with chemically-induced or natural menopause

  • Psychosocial experiences of chemically-induced menopause in breast cancer survivors

  • Investigating longitudinal cognitive and emotional mediators of persistent genital arousal symptoms in males and females

We are currently recruiting for:

A Biopsychosocial Investigation of Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder in Women (PINE Study)

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The current study aims to better understand sensory, blood flow, epigenetic, and psychological factors involved in the expression of persistent genital arousal disorder.

Examining Characteristics of Penile Pain

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This ONLINE study seeks to understand the experiences of penile pain. We hope this information will enhance our understanding penile pain symptoms, which will help us to develop more effective treatment protocols for this condition.